On average, it costs £8 a night to keep a dog in kennels – and there’s the cost also of vets fees, micro-chipping, transporting dogs, insurance for our charity – so it all adds up. Any fundraising you can do would be gratefully received

Raise funds for Vigil when shopping online

You can now raise funds for Vigil when shopping and it won't cost you a penny! Just click on the banner below and register. Once you start shopping the merchant will donate up to 15% of the value of your purchase.

Raise Money As You Search!

 Are you one of the 6.4m people that use a search engine every day? Did you know you can raise money for Vigil German Shepherd Dog Rescue while you search?

http://vigil.easysearch.org.uk combines the results of several search engines such as Yahoo!, Bing and Ask to ensure you can always find what you’re looking for. But the fantastic thing is that EVERY TIME you search, half a penny is raised for Vigil German Shepherd Dog Rescue. Search just 15 times a day and you can raise around £25 a year for us.

So the next time you need to find something online, please use http://vigil.easysearch.org.uk and raise money for Vigil German Shepherd Dog Rescue with every search you make.


Become a Member

You could become a Member of Vigil GSD Rescue.   It costs just £20 for a year's membership and you'll receive copies of our newsletter, with news, information, stories and updates about our dogs.   Margaret Clarke is our Membership Secretary and she will be happy to answer any questions you may have - give her a call on 01737 244 030 to ask for a Membership Form.