Training Classes with BAGSD

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Training Classes with BAGSD

Postby nat » Fri Jan 10, 2014 12:43 pm

Quite a few people I met don't know about BAGSD - British Association for German Sheperds Dogs - so I thought I'll post some info on here.

BAGSD offers training classes all over the UK so you can check out the branch which is closest to you - see list below

The trainers are volunteers and they charge a small fee to pay for the rent of the venues. There is a small annual membership fee to pay which is at the moment £14.

It is ONLY for German Sheperds.

They usually have different levels of classes : beginner/puppy, advanced

The ones in my area that I know of are :

North Cheam/Ewell : Tuesday at 7pm (beginner) at 8pm (advanced) - £4 per class

Byfleet - 020 8287 7599 for info

Reigate -
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Re: Training Classes with BAGSD

Postby HeatherA » Thu Jan 23, 2014 11:28 am


I used to take Kiera to IPO which is one of the specified training programmes that BAGSD has to offer...I believe it has taken over from Schultzhund in Europe. It involves advanced obedience, tracking and bite work...if you have a high energy dog with a high (can't think of the right word and this doesn't look right to me at the moment but you get the gist) prey drive this could be ideal for you...obviously we humans need to be interested too as there can be a lot of work involved.

Kiera is a high energy dog but no prey drive (she'd want to play with rather than kill it!), some chase drive yes but she gives up if she can't see it and she's 'flighty' not 'fighty' (proved that last night in training, done a runner when the trainers tried to tell her what to do...Diva, so embarrassing :oops: ) So unfortunately she was no good for this kind of training but we went all the same and it was great just watching and mingling. Learnt a lot and it was great to get involved with like minded people.

Kiera had to become a member of the Kennel Club (Working Trials) to take part in any of the trials so now the Diva has a KC name!! Kiera Pastor Canis...I know not very spectacular but never done it before and I wanted to look sophisticated lmao!!
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Re: Training Classes with BAGSD

Postby nat » Wed Apr 09, 2014 3:50 pm

I just wanted to let the Vigil members know that BAGSD North Cheam is still opened and that the classes are now being run by Tony Mulcahy (following the sad loss of Joyce Chapman).
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