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Postby Pammy » Fri Jul 27, 2018 9:22 am

Doggo is in need of urgent kennel space or home.


This lovely boy is Doggo who is a 3-year-old entire male.

[b]He needs a new home urgently as his owner lives in a camper van and sometimes needs to leave Doggo which is not ideal for obvious reasons.

Doggo's owner originally found him in Portugal but he has travelled around other countries with him in his camper van so he is used to getting about.

Doggo obviously has his own passport. He loves travelling in a vehicle.

When our volunteer went to assess him he was taken out on a walk where he was very good with people, he wasn't phased by cyclists on the trail either.

He passed a few dogs, he did not bark but his tail went up and he was interested.

He has bitten 4 other dogs so he needs to be on a lead and muzzled at times as a precaution.

Doggo has had two owners, a lady abroad and now his current owner who is rehoming him because he lives in a small camper van.

Doggo would be better being rehired as an only dog or maybe with a laid back female. Somewhere with a big secure garden would be lovely for him. He may benefit from being castrated.

Doggo needs a responsible, experienced owner willing to put in some time and effort on socialising and lead walking him. His recall needs a bit more work.

He has a bit of sensitive tummy so is fed the same food twice daily, no treats.

Doggo has had contact with children although doesn't like them on skateboards which scares him.

He gets a little scared at the vets but does as he is told.

Have you got the time and are willing to give this lovely boy a chance?

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Postby Pammy » Fri Aug 24, 2018 8:19 am

Doggo is now staying with his owner
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