Destiny 1 year old stunner

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Destiny 1 year old stunner

Postby Pammy » Sat Sep 09, 2017 7:26 pm

Destiny is currently in Romania , hoping for a loving home, here in the UK

Destiny needs a home.

“One day she was spotted in a village far far away. People feared her as she is large and dirty. Someone took a picture, sent it to a charity and drove off.
Next day same scenario, different village. So a girl, whose house is filled with dogs picks her up and moves her to a somewhat safer place. Further from the busy road, next to a river, behind a bush. Leaves a blanket and some food.
She thought that she now had a human and waited there for a couple of days, crying alone in the dark every night. There were, as it always goes, people complaining to her crying, threatening to call the hunters to solve the "problem" once and for all. She was brought food daily by volunteers. Then she disappeared.

There was an album, with her story so far but no one was offering even the tiniest piece of yard to keep her safe even for a while. They looked for her and worried day after day, till she was spotted once more. Same road, same direction. She was heading home. Far far away.


Finally she had a short term space to be put in to, so she got picked up once more. A girl brought her to work with her, where she lay silently gazing at her each passing moment. She thought again this was her destiny and walked carefully on a leash, watched out not to be messy, and cowered at any sudden fast movement not to be beaten again.
She was delivered to the safe yard and cried a while for her girl, then settled in with other dogs and cats. She likes them all.
She is in our haven now. She licked all the puppies, ignored the grown dogs and cried when left alone. Then she went silent.
What is she thinking now?

Estimated date of birth: August 2016

Location: Nina's Haven shelter
Can live with cats: yes
Suitable for children: yes
Date listed: 31.8.2017
Date reserved:
All dogs are neutered, fully vaccinated, micro-chipped with an EU passport, tested for heartworm and health checked.
Please help us find this dog a home by sharing and donating. We need to cover vet bills, vaccinate for diseases, check for heartworm and treat for external parasites.

IBAN: HR1623600001102231937

Home check & donation fee apply
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Re: Destiny 1 year old stunner

Postby Pammy » Sat Oct 14, 2017 11:35 am

Destiny has been adopted
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