Young Bossa came into rescue as his owner was not able to manage him. He is a typical young shepherd who is full of life but needs an experienced home where his training can be undertaken. He did find a home but his new owners are finding his high drive very difficult as he is so full of energy. He is good with people and will take a treat gently. He can walk nicely on lead and is generally good around other dogs.

Update from his current home: Bossa has a great nature and has the usual traits of a young GSD like pulling on the lead when he sees another dog, cat or fox! Mouthing which has got a log better now and is boisterous and excited around young children. Because of his love of a ball and a treat we have found him very easy to train. He takes a treat very gently when asked and will happily give a paw, sit or lie down for one. His recall is much improved over the last few months and he will happily play with his ball or toy off lead in the park. He ignores other dogs when playing with his toys.

He is super tolerant. Other dogs have stolen his ball or toy and he whines a little but does nothing. He will let you take food out of his mouth and will give you his toy or ball when asked to leave it.

Bossa really needs a home where someone is with him all day or he has the company of another dog as he gets really anxious when left. We have tried the TV, radio and Adaptil. He is up to date with his vaccinations and has been castrated.

Donation and homecheck applies. Please contact the rehoming team on 07487 809343.
coat short colour sable
gender M age 22 months
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