Uma is staying in her current home until a new home can be found. Her owners have had a change of circumstances and she has to be re-homed.

Her current owner says:

She is a lovely girl by nature and is happy with children, having been around two twin boys belonging to the owner's sister.

She was in behaviour training last December as she has problems with other dogs. She is being walked by 3 different people so inconsistency is spoiling her progress. She has a strong pray drive having lived on a farm and was brought up with 2 other male dogs but got in fights with the older smaller male so they were separated. This tended to happen when she was in season.

Uma barks when people come to the door but once inside she gives them her toy. She's never been a problem with humans. Cats are a definite no.

You can take her food/toys away and she doesn't chew anything except her toy.

She won't go for a walk if someone stays in the house as she is focused on keeping the family togehter.

She is a Danish dog and she has all her vaccines in order, passport etc, and a recent vet check 2 months ago when she passed 100%

Please call Vigil Trustee Emma Carter on 07487 809 343 for more information about Uma.
colour black and sable gender F
age 10 years   
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